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Michelle visited this site and gave me the opportunity to interview her. Read my Interview with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Michelle Pfeiffer has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards, 2 MTV Movie Awards, 6 Golden Globe Awards, and 2 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Modern culture has lost track of how many "Most Beautiful" lists she has been on.

Still, she is not a vain and self-absorbed superstar. When asked what is most important in her life, she quickly responds, "My family." She makes sacrifices in her career for her family, instead of making sacrifices in her family for her career. She still plans date nights with her husband and picks up her kids from school.

Please consider making a donation to the American Cancer Society. You can make a real difference in the lives of those facing cancer.

I hope you enjoy my site.

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Want to hire Michelle's Tailor?

Dec 27 2008

Do you have a dress or some pants that need to be tailored? Then you can hire the seamstress that Michelle has used in the past. She is in London.

Tips for Healthy Skin

Apr 30 2008

Since my last news item had tips for accentuating cheekbones, it's only fitting to now discuss maintaining healthy skin like Michelle's. For example, if you're not doing it already, this is a great time to develop the habit of regularly exfoliating your skin with a facial scrub once a week, preferably one that includes rose oil or jojoba oil because these contain natural AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids). Read more.

Having High Cheekbones

Apr 30 2008

I'm a guy, so I don't fully understand the details, but here are some tips on how women can accentuate their cheekbones to be more like Michelle's. First, dab a luminizing liquid over your foundation on the high cheekbone area, to reflect the light. Read more.

Hollywood's Hottest Over 50

Apr 03 2008

As you would expect, the Los Angeles Times spotlights Michelle as one of the hottest stars over 50. Even though she's only 49, they justify their choice by writing, "we’re certain that by 50 she’ll still be the hottest of this bunch."



New Stephen Frears movie on the way

Apr 03 2008

Stephen Frears is now set to put his steady directorial hand to a French period drama called ‘Cheri’, which is an adaptation of the 1920s Colette novel. Michelle Pfeiffer (who starred in ‘Dangerous Liaisons’) will rejoin Frears in the role of courtisan Lea de Lonval. Read more.

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